CEG Hospital Chaplain visits the Fevers Unit, Chest Clinic, cancer patients at the Radio Therapy Centre and the Cardiothoracic Centre of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra to preach, teach, interact with and counsel the patients. An average of 40 patients attends each meeting and out of these, about 7 of them accept Christ as Lord and saviour or rededicate their lives to Him at each meeting.

The chaplain doubles as Work-place chaplains and visits weekly, Ramina Wear—a fashion design house with a school to train dressmakers to preach, teach and encourage the students and staff in the Lord.

Distribution of Gospel Tracts

CEG is a leading tracts distributor in Ghana. Millions of gospel tracts and scripture booklets are received from overseas for distribution by the chaplains, cinevans, bookshops, churches, and Christian fellowships, and itinerant evangelists. Written testimonies from recipients indicate that

This unit takes care of HIV/AIDS patients.

these materials have helped in the spread of the gospel. The tracts are received from World Missionary Press (USA), Revival Ministries (Belfast, UK) and Eagles Nest (USA).

CEG Records, 2011.