The Enquiry Centre of CEG runs free counselling services. These are the Challenge Marriage and Family Ministry and the General Counselling Ministry. There are counselors who handle the CEG marriage and family ministry and general Christian counseling. The CEG Marriage Ministry runs pre-marital counselling for people with the intention of getting married, organizes marriage

enrichment activities to strengthen marriages and also workshops and seminars to offer training to potential pre-marital counsellors.

The premarital counseling is conducted with the manual, A Pre-marriage Counselling Handbook authored by, Alan and Donna Goerz.[1] It is a 12 Unit study material that requires 16 sessions to complete.

General Counselling Ministry

This ministry includes leading others to Christ and establishing them in the faith. They are further equipped to lead others to faith in Christ Jesus.

People with specific life challenges are also provided with the appropriate counselling as they face life. This includes taking career decisions, personal life difficulties, interpersonal relational problems and other challenges. People with such challenges are as and when necessary referred to experts in the specific field required to continue with their counselling.