The CEG Archives exists to house, preserve, and make available non-current records providing historical depth and administrative continuity that promote understanding of CEG’s ongoing operations, goals and objectives and their contribution to Ghanaian Christian history.


CEG is known to be a trusted name in Christian Books Distribution throughout Ghana, since 1956. The provision of biblically balanced books for evangelism, discipleship and stewardship is the essence of all that CEG stands. CEG is as well a Christian resource center and pivot of Christian witness in Ghana CEG providing CDs, DVDs, videos, audio cassettes, wall plaques and posters with time tested scriptures for spiritual nourishment. CEG reaches the length and breadth of Ghana with quality Christian books and related products[1] through the currently 18 shops in six out of the ten regions of Ghana. There is also the Outdoor Sales Unit that offers office to office service to customers who are not able to visit the shops due to tight schedules. This unit makes special arrangements to mount sales points at Christian events and on church premises.


The bookshops are the main financial life-line to the ministries of CEG. The Prison chaplain’s work for instance does not make money to finance the correspondence courses, Bibles, and stationery that prisoners use. The cinevans travelling throughout the remote districts do not make enough income to replace worn-out vans and equipment. Their returns from sale of books are small

compared with their expenses. The main ‘engine’ that runs the ministries are hence the bookshops, where the sale of books and other items make the profit that finances the ministries of CEG.

The donors, in both Ghana and overseas, make up the other aspect of the ‘engine.’ These donors continue to give faithfully to help finance and equip the work of CEG. Their donations have been particularly helpful in providing cinevans for the film outreach.