Cinevan is a mobile van equipped with LCD projector and other relevant accessories to show free gospel films in communities, towns and villages in Ghana. The aim is to bring many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each van is manned by two trained evangelists/drivers, who undertake 21 nights of film shows per trip to a pre-determined route in a given geographical area. Each van makes about 8-9 of such trips in a year.

The two trained driver-evangelists who man each van each night reach out to an audience ranging between 2,500 and 3,000. The film shows carry an element of entertainment but in order that it is not reduced to just that, those who step forward  in response to the gospel are handed over to local Bible believing churches for discipling.

This ministry initiated by Mr. Jim Mason began in 1980. About 20,639 communities, towns and villages have been visited; an audience exceeding 46,362,180 has watched the films; more than 3,558,384 people have made decisions to follow Christ. All these figures are cumulative meaning some might have happened more than once. And over 500 churches have been planted with various denominations. The vans, in addition to showing films, sell Christian literature making it possible for those without access to Christian bookshops to acquire their Bibles and other Christian materials. This service is especially beneficial to pastors and other Christian workers.

The ministry at its inception was operating with 16mm reel-to-reel projectors.

CEG Records, 2011.