CEG runs 3 Bible correspondence courses. The Young Searchers Leaugue (YSL), Emmaus Bible Correspondence Courses and Mail Box Club Course.

Young Searchers’ League

The course is a 500-question study designed for children ranging between 8 and 19 years of age.

Emmaus Courses

The Emmaus courses are offered by Emmaus Correspondence School of Illinois, USA and are in 3 parts. Each part has 12 units and covers various subjects and Bible books. This has helped people know about God in their Christian service. CEG no longer has sole distributorship or right over this course.

Annual National Pastors and Christian Leaders Conferences

The Annual National Pastors and Christian Leaders Conferences began as the Pastors Book Set (PBS) Project to offer books at subsidized prices to pastors and church leaders of all denominations to enable them prepare and preach expository sermons. Another objective was to equip participants

with tools that would enhance the effectiveness of their ministries, and also assist them to build their personal libraries.

When Jim Mason assumed the position of managing director of CEG in 1977, one of the challenges of pastors he aspired to address was the lack of literature to make possible or easier expository preaching. CEG at the time, owing to the difficult economic condition and government policy survived largely on the largesse of publishers by getting free books from them. But materials like Bible Commentaries, Dictionaries, Study Bibles and other books pastors needed, Mason realized, may not be offered gratis. Fundraising for the project was hence necessary. Mason, in January 1978 shared the dream with a number of church leaders, missionaries from different mission organizations and major Ghanaian Christians at the time to gain their input into the project.  Raising funds from overseas was the next step and this involved getting donors interested in the project, while negotiating with publishers at the same time.

The first PBS was organized in 1982 and pastors of all denominations were beneficiaries.  A total of 3,000 sets of books were distributed to pastors. Each recipient paid the local equivalent of $40 which was about fifty percent of the actual cost. Each set was made up of 25.  In 1988 the next PBS was organized with teaching conferences in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Ho. And some of the authors were present to demonstrate the effective use of their books at the conferences. The last PBS was organized in 2001 and held in Accra, Kumasi, Bolgatanga, Ho and Takoradi.

Family Book Sets (FBS) Project, a sequel to the PBS was initiated in 1989 to provide 10,000 sets of marriage and family life books to couples. The implementation of this project however, commenced in 1991 when the Family Life conferences were organized in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Cape Coast.

The designation of the conferences took a new turn and became known as the Challenge National Prayer Conferences. From 2002, the conferences became the Challenge National Pastors and Church Leaders Conferences and in 2009, the word church became Christian. The conferences bring together pastors and Christian leaders from different denominations each year. It usually takes place within the first two weeks of the month of September every year. Through these conferences, CEG aims at sharing biblical truths, sharpening the skills and equipping pastors and Christian leaders with vital tools that will enable them work well in their respective ministries.

Emphasis is this researchers’. The word Church was changed to Christian. There was a mix up by the printer so some of the invitation letters were headed Christian while others had church but officially it was the former.